3D Virtual Tours have arrived in Columbus OH

The Buss Home Group in-house 3D camera system delivers high-definition immersive 3D models of a homes interior.  This is the equivalent of HD Google Street View for the interior of a house.  It provides buyers the ability to virtually walk through a property in 3D from anywhere in the world. Our marketing gives home sellers confidence that their home is being showcased in a way that makes their home stand out from the crowd.

Buyers appreciate the value of being able to virtually walk through a home and really get a sense of the floor plan. This is something that traditional 2D media simply doesn’t allow. This technology is a convenience to sellers as it may cut down on time that sellers need to be out of their home for showings.

Some benefits to home sellers:

  • Buyers spend three-times longer looking at listings that include a 3D Virtual Tour, and are twice as likely to call the agent afterwards.
  • More viewers share these 3D Virtual Tours with their friends and family which means more market exposure of your home.
  • 3D Virtual Tours gives buyers a better sense of a homes floor plan compared to traditional 2D images.
  • 3D Virtual Tours widens the net of people interested in your house, and lets out-of-town buyers take your home more seriously.

In addition to 3D Virtual Tours, The Buss Home Group can create a schematic 2D floor plan for your home.  We live in an increasing digital society, but sometimes its nice to go back to the basics.  Many buyers still like to see a traditional 2D floor plan to help visualize the space.  With our in-house camera system, we can make that happen.

We use the latest real estate technology to sell your home so that you net the highest proceeds in the least amount of time.


Click below to see how our in-house 3D technology showcases a listing at every angle.  This immersive 3D technology has the power to give a buyer the most comprehensive tour of your home before even stepping foot inside. Imagine an out-of-town buyer poised to buy your property before they have even seen your home through the use of our 3D Tours, we have seen it happen!

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